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Worried about money? We can help.

We are here to listen, and to help

The foodbank is working closely with Lighthouse Money Advice, in offering free face-to-face money and debt support to foodbank users. This is a confidential service and the team are trained money and debt advisers.

The project is run with the purpose of helping local people to maximise their income, manage their money more effectively,  and to get free from debt.

Don’t let things pile up

Money is not something that many people feel comfortable speaking about, especially when things are not going so well.

Often our response is to hide it away and hope that things will sort themselves out. Sadly this rarely happens and understandably it is not the best approach.

Our encouragement is for you not to bury things away, but to speak with one of our money advisers so that we can help you improve your financial situation.

“I need not have worried. my advisor was amazing – they listened to me, and by the end of the appointment we had a plan. I was so nervous before I arrived, and felt ashamed that I had not been dealing with my post and brought a pile of unopened letters to my first appointment – I can finally sleep at night now, I can see a way forward.”

There is life beyond debt, and the first step towards freedom is having the courage to speak to someone who can help.

To find out how the process works, and how to make the first contact with us.

Download our introductory leaflet here

What will happen when you contact us

First: We arrange to have an informal chat, to listen to you, so we can find out more about your situation and get an understanding of your circumstances.

Second: After the informal chat we arrange an initial assessment – which is a one-to-one appointment – for us to gather more of the specific details about your finances.

This then allows us to give you some options about possible ‘next steps’, and how you might more things forward.

This could involve:
● Arranging to do an online benefits check – maximising income
● Preparing a budget to help record and manage your money
● Supporting you to develop your online financial skills
● Progressing to a full debt support service
● Signposting to other appropriate services/agencies

Let us know your name, and contact details so that we can arrange to speak with you and arrange the informal chat, or initial assessment. Fill in the form below.

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